Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Freedom's just another word for "I got mine, bitches!"

It's funny 'cuz it's true.

Just a quick note: 

Any time you see "Freedom!" and/or "Liberty!" you can read it as "I'm a selfish, self-centered jerk." 

I've made this point about the glibertarians who don't care about people who are actually shackled by poverty or prejudice. Instead, they spend their time bitching that anyone other than straight white men has any say about anything. (Oh, and taxes. "Taxes are slavery!" You know what really is slavery? Slavery.) 

On EconTalk, Jennifer Burns makes a similar point about Ronald Reagan's favorite economist, Milton Friedman, asking why, if "Freedom!" was the most important thing, old Milton wasn't concerned about segregation or Jim Crow laws:

I think Friedman's Achilles heel ... was the segregated South in his own country. ... 'If you care so much about freedom, why weren't you more committed to this cause that was really based about people not having freedom to vote, to go to school, to have their own livelihoods, to be free from violence? Why didn't you care about that?'

(Also, when I saw Jennifer's name in the podcast description, I thought, "Finally! A woman on EconTalk!" But then I saw she was on to talk about a man. 😠 )

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