Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Illusions aren't necessary for happiness. Just the opposite.

Wilco - On and on and on

As laid out in Losing and Why Buddhism Is True, each of us exists as the result of billions of years of evolution. This process was driven solely to get genes to the next generation, full stop. 

Yet knowing this, I still "love" Anne immensely and am filled with gratitude for her every day. It absolutely does not matter at all that these feelings exist because the genes behind them evolved to help my ancestors propagate.

It is similar with the illusion of free will. 

I don't need to believe "I" am "in control" to enjoy my life. It isn't possible to turn off our minds. Even when we recognize everything is just matter and energy following the laws of physics, thoughts continue to think themselves. We feel hunger, we enjoy food; we feel loneliness, we enjoy each other. We continue to "choose" between options. It can't be any different.

Letting go of the illusion of free will can have a significant impact on our lives by freeing us from reacting negatively to others. What could be better than that?

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