Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Please stop with insects (a compilation)

Green Day - "Whatshername"
A truly fantastic song - simple, tells a story, rockin' sing-along ending. 💘

In approximately this order:

Insects don't suffer. Sensing pain is not the same as suffering. Please don't anthropomorphize and don't look only at cherry-picked examples of behavior. Recognize that by default, we impart consciousness to just about anything that moves (or talks, in the case of AI).

Even if I'm wrong, insects are a harmful distraction from severe suffering that we actually can address. (More on the failings of classic utilitarianism. My current thoughts are in the "Biting the Philosophical Bullet" chapter of Losing My Religions.)

Tractability matters, not just big numbers. "I would rather light money on fire than give it to certain 'wild animal' organizations." If you truly care only about numbers, fund Christian missionaries.

Talking about insects causes actual suffering by Dr. Greger. Not only does it take away limited resources, it makes animal advocates look crazy.

Being realistic and sane actually helps animals.

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