Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Path to Internet Fame

Green Day "Too Dumb to Die"
Takes ~30 seconds to get to actual song.
Dr. Who version. (We never got into Dr. Who - don't hate me!)

It is clear that a key way to become famous these days is to play to a sense of victimhood. The largest insatiable audience seems to be white males who lack success in some field (especially with women; please see this Atlantic article for more). 

Jordan Peterson is a vile example, but Bryan Caplan is the one I find more frustrating. He is clearly intelligent and only reacting to the fact that one of his pals was attacked by lunatics calling themselves feminists.

Obviously, I have great sympathy. As documented in Losing My Religions, crazed vegans have made my professional life miserable for decades. But that doesn't mean I write books saying "Don't be a vegan" or write endless columns about the persecution of non-vegans. Just because there are asshole vegans doesn't mean the cruelty of factory farms isn't a serious problem. 

It is simply sad the extent folks like Caplan will go to try to argue men have it worse off than women. Have they seen the world? What percentage of Presidents have been women? Vice Presidents? Senators? Justices? Legislators? Heads of Fortune 500 companies? (8.8%) Billionaires? (<10%) And women control less than 1% of global wealth

But yeah, the odds are stacked against men. 🙄

PS: Over on Substack, I came across a young blond philosopher named Matt. It appears that he has little to no luck with women, and he spends his time writing endless posts to prove he is smarter than anyone else. Like looking in a time-machine's mirror.  😬


Calion said...

I haven’t read his book, but have read his articles about it; does he really argue that men have it worse off than women, or is his position that women do not (at this point in history) have it enough worse off than men to justify a women-centric movement as opposed to a people-centric movement?

Matt Ball said...

You can see more (including link to excerpts he's posted) here: