Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Bonus: External Agitators or Self-Sabotage?

Decades ago (sorry for the vague memory) some animal exploiter tried to convince an unstable person to plan a (thwarted) terrorist attack in order to make animal advocates look bad.

This comes to mind whenever I see people supposedly concerned with making the world a better place doing things beyond absurd. I wonder: are they infiltrators trying to discredit actual dedicated advocates? Or are they simply unhinged people without any connection to reality? 

However, in this case, not only is the person posting unhinged theories  - both wild animals and non-sentient organisms - but whoever compiles the "best of" Effective Altruism for the weekly newsletter also chose to promote this insane post. 

Our is a world where countless fully-conscious human beings are actually and acutely suffering - including many individuals who are being actively tortured. Parents losing their five-year-old after a two-year battle with childhood leukemia. A teenager paralyzed by crushing anxiety. A new mother killed by a drunk driver, leaving behind a howlingly-despairing husband and infant. A political prisoner driven mad in solitary confinement.

And in this world, the Effective Altruism community is literally promoting concern for insentient invisible mites that literally feed on us. 


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