Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Have you found this blog worthwhile?

Song: Yes, "It Can Happen."

Not to beat around the bush: Nonprofits raise a disproportionate amount of their annual budget at the end of the year, especially the last two days. 

If you have found this blog to be useful* this year, please click here and give whatever you can to One Step for Animals' harm-reduction work**.  👍

Your contribution is tax-deductible*** and truly doubled. This isn't a game where the donor(s) will give anyway****. One Step's matching donor only gives to double other donors' dollars.

Thanks so very much!

How your support makes us feel.

*If you'd like to give anonymous feedback on the blog, please use this form; just put in a bogus email.

**More on One Step's work.

***In the US.

****Sorry for being a part of all those end-of-year campaigns. 🙁

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