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Saturday, August 13, 2022


From Andrew Tobias:

In just two years he’s:

  • Defeated the biggest threat to democracy we’ve ever faced — by 7 million votes.
  • Restored our alliances and strengthened NATO.
  • United all of Europe in support of Ukrainian sovereignty, setting Russia back decades.
  • Eliminated the leader of Al Qaida.
  • Restored competence and professionalism to the State Department . . . and to the rest of the executive branch.
  • Restored integrity, decency, dignity, modesty, and compassion to the Presidency.
  • Ended the deadly Covid plague for anyone choosing to be vaccinated.
  • Rescued the economy and brought the unemployment rate to its lowest level in half a century.
  • Made clear that he and almost all Democrats want to FUND the police, not defund them as the other party voted to do.
  • Appointed a wonderful Supreme Court Justice and dozens of federal district court and appellate judges.
  • Signed into law a massive infrastructure bill to help revitalize the country, after decades of prior presidents’ failing to do so.
  • Signed into law the strategically and economically spectacular Chips-Plus package.
  • Signed into law a gun safety bill that, while wholly inadequate (an 18-year-old can’t buy a beer but can a deadly weapon?), nonetheless did something for the first time since 1994.
  • Is poised to sign into law a bill that will reduce the cost of prescription drugs, meaningfully restore our global role in confronting the existential climate crisis, and levy tax on the uber-wealthy and most profitable corporations while not seeking a dime from anyone else.
  • Is poised to sign into law the PACT Act, extending benefits for veterans.
  • And more.

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