Friday, June 2, 2023

Misinformation on the Left (1/2)

I understand some of the shots against Matt Yglesias; e.g., that he'll be more provocative / contrarian than necessary to drive clicks / attention. But you have to admit, he's been very successful at building a mini-media empire around himself and getting ideas to important people. And, as I've noted before in this blog and in Losing, he often has very important insights. 

A recent example is "'Misinformation' isn't just on the right." [OTOH: "Conservatives actively want to believe only lies."]

This graph from Yglesias' essay is key:

This is an excellent graphical representation that life has, in general and on average, been getting safer with regard to disasters (and disease, etc., as documented at Our World In Data). This is why development is the single most important tool we have in dealing with climate change - and for improving more lives as much as possible.

I recently heard from someone who read Losing My Religions over the course of a weekend. They thanked me for the dose of realism, given that they are in a social group that has bought into climate catastrophism / end-of-the-world doom.

You are more than welcome!

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