Thursday, June 1, 2023

What we talk about when we talk about politics

As I've written about here and in Losing, the United States' current Supreme Court has created a country where a raped 10-year-old would be forced to stay pregnant and give birth. A raped 10-year-old!

This is so horrific, so cruel, that many Republicans tried to convince the public that this particular case was a lie. But of course, they were the ones lying. ("Every Conservative Who Called Story of 10-Year-Old Who Got Abortion a Lie;" Republicans claimed rape of girl, 10, was made-up - now they're eating their words)

Now they're going after the doctor because they don't want people to know.

Everyone who hasn't advocated vigorously and vociferously for every Democrat has to accept some of the blame for what is happening to untold girls and women around the country. 

  • Everyone who said there was no difference between Bush and Gore.
  • Everyone who has ever had a kind word to say for the "Green" party.
  • Everyone who ever slagged on Hillary.
  • Everyone who helped "No Labels" get on the ballot.
  • And everyone who said or is saying anything against Biden.

You may be safe in your wealthy liberal bubble (but maybe not once Tangerine Palpatine signs the nationwide abortion ban) but your selfishness and self-centeredness have caused real harm to real people - suffering that didn't have to happen.

Please don't be a part of the further destruction of our society, and please don't support others who are trying to do so.

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