Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Greatest Injustice in the World

At this moment in history, when innocent people like Elijah McClain are being murdered by the state, some people have gotten together to fight against the greatest injustice in the world: Meanies are mean to them on Twitter or Slack.

Snark aside, it isn't as though I do have any reason for empathy. A while back, I had a mortgage, car payment, pre-existing conditions, and a kid in college. Then I found myself out of my job because I quoted Anthony Bourdain. In addition to being suddenly unemployed, thousands upon thousands of people attacked me online.

And you know what? It just doesn't compare to being murdered. It doesn't compare to being stalked and doxxed and threatened with rape or torture (and I've been basically tortured to the point of being broken).

So if you look at this moment in history and you think it is all about you and protecting your precious privileged ideals ... maybe think again.

Update: The “free speech debate” isn’t really about free speech

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