Sunday, October 1, 2017

An Approach to Actually Reaching New People

In response to “Have you ever had a bad vegan experience?” a Facebook reader commented:
EK Green
I love these articles. I was talking with someone at work about vegetarianism the other day, and I brought up how grateful I am that EK Green talked to me about this topic. Before, I'd had a negative attitude toward veganism, as you talk about in these articles. But EK introduced me to a realistic, shades-of-gray way of thinking.

I had mostly avoided vegetarianism because of 1) a sentimental connection to some meals (Mom's Thanksgiving stuffing) and 2) occasional anemia. Both things that I could have worked around, but I just wasn't ready to. So I put it off and kept eating meat, often multiple times a day. EK's example, attitude, and understanding approach made it really easy to cut back a bit at a time. At this point, I'd say I only eat meat two or three times a week, and I'm trying to cut back further.

Bottom line: there's at least one vegan making a real difference by talking to non-vegans in a positive, constructive way!

You can be a part of realistic, impactful work. Please just click here - thanks so much!

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Unknown said...

Yes! Much needed! Much better way to educate.