Monday, May 22, 2023

Just ignore: more on wild animal suffering (but the song is great!)

Mary Chapin Carpenter - The Swords We Carry

Maybe my favorite song of hers, and that is saying something


Kobe ran right over to me and went right up on my shoe, so I just started feeding her by hand.

As long-time readers know, I would rather light money on fire than give it to certain groups "working" on wild animal suffering. (Dr. Greger's post on this is still the third most-read post on this blog.)

Our good pal Alene (over at the fabulous Legal Impact for Chickens) noted that a wild-animal cheerleader kindly mentioned One Step for Animals in a recent post (i.e., how to contribute to farmed animal advocacy in such a way that doesn't cause more chickens to suffer). This led to these posts that will be of interest to my one reader who still cares about this topic:

Why I No Longer Prioritize Wild Animal Welfare

Why Research into Wild Animal Suffering Concerns Me

As I beg you in Losing, please don't read the comments, OMG, these people have so much time on their hands!

Of course, I still contend that these types of discussions ) simply allow people to think they are smarter than they actually are while ignoring real and tractable suffering in the real world. And make animal advocates look insane.

(And I assume it goes w/o saying that I don't want any animals to suffer. I want us to work on things that will actually reduce suffering.)

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