Tuesday, September 20, 2022

“Sun comes up, it's Tuesday Morning...”

If you share more than 22% of your genes with me, please read no further. Thanks.

Ever since late April 2022, when I first started sketching out the ideas for the book, I got up very early (between 3 and 5 a.m.) every morning. First to write (May) then to edit (ever since). 

But at the end of last week -- specifically Friday, September 16 2020 -- we produced and published a pdf of v.1 of Losing My Religions. These pdf versions should look as intended, with the intended fonts, page breaks, and picture sizes. 

As of this Tuesday morning (Sept 20), we have an un-optimized beta (0.8) of the epub version. Epub (and future Kindle) editions will not look as intended, but should be readable. This beta renders OK in Apple's Books on my Mac but terrible in Moon+ on my Kindle Fire. So it goes.

Now I get up in the mornings and am not sure what to do.

Yes, I have tons of work to meet the "official" October 1 2022 publishing goal. I have to learn a new piece of software to optimize the .epub and .mobi files. Both of those will be highly sub-optimal, given the inability to control layout (and fonts). But it is what it is. 

You can download the book, learn more, and see the early reviews at LosingMyReligions.net

Post title reference. I don't like the video, but I do like the song very much.

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