Monday, July 25, 2022

Third Book Review

I finished your draft last night.  It was great!  I did a straight-through read because if I stopped to do something else, it felt like I was interrupting you!  There is something about conversationally-written pieces that are a breath of fresh air, and you did an excellent job.  I also love how you sometimes anticipate a reaction in a section and basically explain what the reader might be thinking at that point (ex. "this section went on too long...").  

While reading and weaving in and out of your timeline, I would stop and take some time to think about where I was/what I was doing at that point in time as well.  Especially around 97/98 when I stopped eating animals and became an advocate and eventually met you.  Interestingly, good and ugly personal memories resurfaced, like "Where the fuck did that come from?" as I never thought about it in 25 or 30 years!  Is your book some kind of voodoo/witchcraft?!

I love the advice that is interwoven in your story as well.  I was drawn to the savings/retirement plan advice as [we] have 4 different types of retirement savings, but I am researching I-bonds right now as I am looking for something that is long-term, but that I can possibly use without much penalty after 5 or 10 years.

A photo from Losing My Religions. Can you pick me out?


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