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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Fear of Effective Altruists

I've gotten some very nice feedback on my Against Longtermism post. Thanks!

This is the most interesting, with my emphasis added.

HAHAHAHHAHA this is such a good point!!!!!: "Um, hello? Humans enslave, forcibly contain, and kill billions of fellow sentient (but “inferior”) beings. So if a “superior” AI actually did share human values, it seems like they would kill, enslave, and forcibly contain us."


I agree with you on most of what you said. I'm sorry so many people downvoted it. I went and upvoted it! :-) So now it's at zero instead of negative lol.

A lot of the stuff you said in this post is stuff that I am afraid to say publicly, for fear of alienating those who I want support from (EAs.) So you are brave for saying this super directly.

The idea of humans continuing for billions of years scares me. 

But I can't possibly imagine how to communicate that fear in a way that someone else, who doesn't see humanity the way you and I see humanity, would understand.

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