Monday, May 23, 2022

Yes, I'm an egomaniac, but...

... I realize there is no reason you should give shit about my travel. Knowing this, I try to share interesting and/or aesthetically-pleasing photos.

Dresden mostly escaped any damage during WW II. It was a known "open city" with no military significance. This is why many prisoners of war were housed there, including Kurt Vonnegut. But then, in mid-February 1945, less than three months before the end of the war in Europe, Allied bombers pretty much destroyed the main part of the city. 

It was not the worst fire-bombing ever (that would be Tokyo), but it was made famous by Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse 5.  

Dresden spent the next 55 years basically under Soviet rule. So keep in mind that everything in the photos below are reconstructions, mostly in the past two decades!

Note that this picture is taken directly into the sun! The Pixel 6 camera is amazing.

Opera House and some Johann.

Many statues of "women" were done by someone who had never seen a woman. They just stuck two half-grapefruits onto a man and added long hair.

Goethe looked just like Brent Spiner / Commander Data from STNG!

I'm always on the lookout for "comely maidens" (to use Rick Steves' term)

Porcelain bells!

The walkway some past ruler build so his mistress could get to church w/o having to be among the commoners. 

Martin Luther and the Frauenkirche. After the bombing, it burned for three days before collapsing. The communists left it as a pile of rubble. It was only opened in 2005.

It is more like a gay theater than a church.

The cross on top of the bombed church was pulled from the rubble.

A huge mural depicting Saxony history.

Volkswagen's "Transparent Factory."

No photos allowed!

"Where would you like to go today, Anne."

Mandarin Duck!

The lilacs were out in force all across Germany!


These two from the local store, not a health-food store at all.

Sadly, lotsa leftover vegan Easter bunnies.

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