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Monday, January 3, 2022

More from "Straight Talk About the Food We Grow and Eat"

Mathus was wrong: Human population increased fourfold over the past century, but agricultural output more than kept up. As a result, agricultural prices in read terms declined by roughly three-quarters. Cropland area barely increased at all.

[I]n the second half of the twentieth century the share of the world's citizens living in extreme poverty fell from 60 percent down to just 10 percent, and the numbers killed by famine dropped to almost nothing....

Eighty-three percent of the Earth's agricultural land is now being used to feed animals, even though they provide only 19 percent of total food calories....

[B]roiler chickens today develop skeletons and muscles so quickly that the metabolism of their body has trouble keeping up. One resulting problem is an avian variant of sudden death syndrome known as "flip-over disease." Birds showing no outward sign of disease will suddenly extend their necks, gasp or squawk, flap their wings, then flip over dead. Up to 4 percent of birds in a healthy broiler flock may succumb....

[If] restaurants want to move a significant share of customers plant forward, they will have to meet a far more demanding standard, one he calls "deliciousness." ... Reporting on new survey results early in 2020, he said, "It could cure cancer, but if it doesn't taste great, people won't adopt it."

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