Friday, October 16, 2020

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Kaitlyn Serafin:

Biden “town hall” event = new respect. 

Facts, figures, history, new awareness, forward thinking. Amazing how well he presents himself given he is fighting a stutter with every breath. Correct. He’s not a doddering, old man. He’s fighting to control a speech impediment he’s had since birth. 

I also watched a PBS program detailing Biden’s life and Trump’s life. No surprises. Trump became a psychopath and white collar, career criminal under his father’s guidance before he reached 30. He learned how to manipulate the media (and public opinion) and built his “fortune” using public tax dollars while paying little himself. (NYC gave him $400m to begin his hotel empire.)

Biden began his political career as a BLM supporter in 1972 and suffered the death of his first wife and young daughter on the eve of taking office. 😭 Obama picked him as VP because he is intelligent, compassionate, well informed, and could build the necessary bridges to Repubs to get things done. Serving the people of this country for decades, Biden has learned what works and what doesn’t work when solving large, complex issues that face America. 

Biden, most certainly, is presidential material.

More: The jarring contrast between Trump and Biden, explained in 3 moments from their competing town hall. At the very moment Trump embraced QAnon, Biden embraced science.

Joe Biden Was the Real-Life Jed Bartlet at His Town Hall Last Night

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