Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Wages of Sin

As many of you know, the Vox video received some ... less-than-favorable reactions from those who are already vegan (despite what I actually said).

But there have been a lot of interesting reactions from the target audience – people who currently eat animals.

For example, the reporter who put the video together gave up eating chickens, and later told me it was surprisingly easy.

One of the two videographers who ran the shoot pulled me aside to ask details about how to eat vegan.

Yesterday, some of my relatives came across the video. I then got this email:

“Very good! Makes sense to us. I'm giving up chicken.”

Thanks to everyone who has been sharing the video (which has over 820,000 views on YouTube, and about 500,000 on Facebook) and promoting One Step's message!


Brian said...

I'd bet that the reporter who stopped eating chickens had seen the go veg pitch several times, but didn't act.

Matt Ball said...

Brian - the reporter's boss is an outspoken vegan-at-home / vegetarian-on-the-road. My relatives have spent many years around me (and Anne and Ellen) as vegans. So yeah -- One Step's message is one that can reach people that have have long heard other messages.