Sunday, June 30, 2024

This isn't about Biden

Two words for you: 

Access Hollywood

How is anything that happens in 90 minutes in June remotely comparable to "Grab 'em by the ..." on a constant loop in October?

Then, for all of us to see, Tangerine Palpatine incited an attempted coup, a rebellion against the United States government. An insurrectionist mob that killed cops.

None of this is about Biden, his voice, his energy, his age. [More specifics from Andrew Tobias.]

This is 100% about us

Decency loses because too many on the left care more about being self-righteous than winning and actually making the world better. We spend our limited time and resources whining about things we can't influence instead of working to change what we can.

The other side does the opposite. 

I would bet that more people know about Biden's debate performance than know that Mr. "Grab 'em by the..." was found to have raped E. Jean Carroll. 

This is because so many people who supposedly oppose Republican policies will go out of their way to amplify anything against Democrats. 

The other side does the opposite.

Don't curse the ground. Get back up. Move ahead. Your personal opinion and posts and emails about what Biden should do are irrelevant... 

...except in so far as they take time and resources away from knocking doors, stuffing envelopes, putting up campaign signs, and sharing positive stories.

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