Thursday, February 8, 2024

For You and All of Us: A Challenge for the Next Eight Months (seriously)

Seriously: Don't help these guys

Post positive.

Don't post anything negative without suggesting a real-world solution.

That solution: Vote. Organize. Promote.

The smartest [sic] people who support Tangerine Palpatine aren't promoting him or attacking Biden. They are infiltrating left-leaning (or further left) communities. There, they are promoting doom and gloom. Making people feel hopeless will suppress the vote, letting the neo-Nazis and Xtian Nationalist fanatics win the Electoral College again. (These "smart" MAGAs are also funding the "No Labels" party.)

As I've written over and over and over, the "Green" Party is the worst thing to happen to this country in recent decades. We need to learn from these mistakes. We need to stop catastrophizing

"If our first, second, and third priorities aren’t winning elections, then we are wasting our time."

Everything we do in the next eight months has to be to build up Biden* and exposing Republicans

* Even Politico knows what his administration has accomplished!

PS: Upset about Gaza? Check out this.
Think things are worse for the poor? This.
Are millenials worse off? Charts.

Please share. Thanks.

Please don't think like this.


ada47 said...

Thank you for this.

Some Democrats have to pour the whiskey to get through Thanksgiving with their crazy Fox News watching Trump loving relatives. Not me. I have to pour the whiskey to get through Thanksgiving with my crazy Democrat-hating Green Party-voting lefty relatives.

Matt Ball said...

Ada, I couldn't take that. Ugh. :-P