Monday, April 22, 2024

Please Stop Helping Nazis

Adjusted for inflation and household size.
From an actual reliable source, via this (scroll down)  

If you listen to those who hang out posting on the internet (and the lazy media promoting "vibe" stories) you'd think everyone is either living The Most Fabulous Life, or are seemingly in Venezuela on the edge of homelessness in a hellscape of endless disasters. (From sites like Fox News on the right and ZeroHedge on the left. I am unfriending people who spam my feed with that s#!t.)

This is simply availability bias and mindless repetition of bogus but plausible-sounding claims. The social-media equivalent of "If it bleeds, it leads." 

No one gets clicks saying: 

"My partner and I, while working at nonprofits and earning less than the median US salary (or unemployed after being fired from those nonprofits), put our kid through private college while paying our mortgage. Our kid graduated with no student debt, got a PhD (again: no student debt), has a good job, and is happy."


Doom, on the other hand, makes people feel special

"I will never have a house! I can't have kids 'cuz everything is effed up! Climate change will kill us all! We live in the End Times!"

The reality: doomsters are helping literal Nazis.

Please: stop helping Nazis.

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