Tuesday, January 2, 2024

You Say It's My Birthday?

You Know Who - "Birthday"

Want to give me the best possible birthday present? Finagle - either from yourself or a kind and brilliant and good-looking friend - a new Amazon review of Losing!

Seriously, this is all I want. No joke. I wouldn't say no to this, but I've already had pie**:

A number of people have told me they don't want to say anything publicly about Losing My Religions because they don't want to be associated with some of the opinions expressed (or they work with some of the organizations not mentioned in the book). I understand, which is why reviews on the book site are anonymous.

However, you and your friends can give the book an Amazon rating without subjecting yourself to the wrath of angry vegans or climate catastrophists! And ratings and reviews really help*.

First, please click here.

Assuming you have an Amazon account, you'll see your name at the top:

But next to it is "Edit," which you can do:

Then choose your rating (and yes, you should lie 😉 and, if you'd would please, write a short review:

Now, neither I (nor Obama <sniff>) will submit a review of Losing, but you can see in the reviews that some people just use a first name, or even just punctuation :)

So please submit a rating, even if you haven't read it yet. (Especially if you haven't read it yet!) It just takes a second and will really help*. 

And once we pass 47 reviews, I'll finally shut the hell up. I'm serious.

Wouldn't that be worth a few seconds of your time?

* Help my ego, that is. But it is my birthday, and I'm old!

** Pie photo and the below from before I was old. 

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