Monday, January 1, 2024

Have you heard the good news? More Hannah Ritchie & Cereal

A Slightly Hotter World Could Still Be a Better One

How have yields (amount produced per acre) changed over time?

How about cereals specifically?

I've heard many people react negatively to this. For example: "This uses fertilizer."


It uses tractors instead of horses, too. And gave this outcome:

The Doom Dogma replies: "This is not sustainable!"

Can you find one moment in history when people weren't predicting future doom even in the face of all evidence?

Others complain that increased production is leading to more people or feeding more farmed animals. 

True. But I can absolutely guarantee that if crop yields had gone down, those same people would be screaming that the world is ending.

Instead of viewing everything as proof of a Doom religion ("It's hot -- climate change will kill us all!" "It's cold -- climate change will kill us all!") focus on facts and how we can improve things. Obvious angry misanthropy and cruelty have never made anything better.

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