Wednesday, January 31, 2024

It is fantastic not being "Vegan"!

Ben Folds - Rockin' the Suburbs


"Matt Ball, changing the world by example, advocacy"

Readers of my previous books know that for decades, I futilely tried to inject some sanity into the "Vegan" church. 

Not anymore. 

Anyone who has read this blog or "The End of Veganism" in The Book That Shall Not Be Named knows, I'm not "Vegan." 

It is so delightful, being freed from having to take all the attacks seriously!

This came up in response to my recent vaccine post, where the comments pointed out that vaccines are not "Vegan." But as a Freethinker, violating dogma doesn't matter to me.

Or, as I replied (edited slightly):

I'm not "Vegan," so your questions don't apply to me. As I lay out in <redacted> (and throughout my blog) I want to reduce suffering more than I cause suffering. Full stop. Any rules or labels are irrelevant to me. 

Take care and stay warm!

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