Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Announcing One Step for Activists (unofficially)

Hi Friends,

Anne and I are happy to announce our new project, One Step for Activists, an advising / counseling / coaching service for advocates. (English- or German-speaking only.) We don’t charge but instead ask for a (tax-deductible in the U.S.) donation to One Step for Animals’ harm-reduction work.

This is a soft launch, only for you and your fellow blog readers. We will launch “officially” early next month.

Regular blog readers and those who have perused Losing My Religions know most of how I got to this point. You can find an abridged version on the site’s More page, beneath “What we can and can’t offer you.”

Two requests:

  1. Please reach out to us if you think you’d like to take part.
  2. Please provide any feedback or suggestions you have.

You can see more at OneStepForActivists.org. Please check it out!

Thanks so much!

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