Sunday, November 20, 2022

Libertarian or Grown-Up

From yesterday, this might be my favorite graphic in Losing My Religions

Like seemingly all well-off-ish smart white boys, I read The Fountainhead (not terrible) Atlas Shrugged (terrible). 

Ayn Rand has an excuse for being crazy - she was reacting to the horrible excesses of the Soviet Union. 

But the rest of us really don't. We grew up with clean water out of safe pipes and safe plentiful food, because of the government. Our parents drove to work on public streets and we went to public schools and/or bought products made by those who went to public schools. Etc etc etc.

Libertarians were born on third base and think they hit a triple. Not only that, but they don't appreciate that the stadium was built by others, the field laid out by others, and the game invented by others. Much of that work was done by slaves. Even if their parents were rich, those riches didn't come about by hard work in a vacuum, it came on the backs of millions (again, including millions of slaves).

As Obama rightly said, "You didn't build that." 

Song: "Cotton" by The Mountain Goats.

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