Sunday, November 20, 2022

Bonus post: Your feedback requested and a mystery has now been visited over 6,000 times:

I can only be a few hundred of those at most. So who else is coming to the site? Only a quarter come from listed referrers (Google, Facebook, Reddit, Astral Codex Ten) -- the vast majority are from "Other." 

And what are they doing there? If they are getting the book, only a tiny fraction have contacted me, rated the book, and/or donated to One Step for Animals.

With that said, I'd like your advice:

On the cover of the paperback version of Losing, I have four feedback quotes. (Social norming.) But there are no quotes in the eBook versions that people can get for free or buy.

So my questions:
  1. Should I add quotes to the eBook versions?
  2. Which of the ~two dozen quotes here do you think would be most compelling to a potential new reader?
You can comment or just email me what you think.

Thanks so very much!

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