Monday, November 21, 2022

Bonus Happy Post! Color Paperback Exceeds Expectations!

I originally wasn't planning to even publish a hard copy of Losing My Religions, but enough people asked, so I have a print-on-demand paperback version at Amazon.

A surprising number of people have ordered copies or asked for a signed copy. The print quality of the text is great, but the grey-scale pictures are lousy (although I'm assured worth it for what they add to the story).

This demand made me look into other options, and we just received the color print version from Barnes and Noble Press. (It is smaller in size -- smaller font, less white space.) The picture quality is shockingly good! 

I have no idea if it is worth 2x the price, but I'm surprised to say: Maybe? 

Note: All the "for sale" editions are priced as low as they'll let me -- there are basically zero royalties. If you'd like a signed copy, just let me know (mattballaz (at) I only have the one copy of the color version as of now (more coming in two weeks) but I have plenty of the less expensive and larger black-and-white versions. 

Song: A version of U2's "One" I'd never heard!

A picture that is much better in the color edition!

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