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Saturday, October 8, 2022

Thoughts on fitness

There was once a question in New Scientist asking if it burns more calories to cover the same distance faster. Physicists will explain that moving a certain mass over a certain distance requires the same energy. But that misses a point of our physiology. The faster we go, the more we tap into our anaerobic systems. Anaerobic energy production is much less efficient, so it does burn more calories.

So going faster does burn more calories.

As I'm getting older, I know muscle loss will accelerate. Trying to maintain muscle requires me to "lift" to the point where I can't go anymore. (I use jugs of water for curls, and various types of pushups for triceps and pecs.) At least I do when my back is good enough to work out.

Speaking of the back, I'd like to again plug inversion tables. Reviews.

Song: Beck Deadweight.

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