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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Written on the road for my book

The book is now over 150 pages!

Greetings from Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany. This is the most beautiful town that I've ever been in that has no American tourists.

To repeat, Prague was incredibly beautiful. Just amazing architecture. Definitely worth a visit. But it was overrun with tourists, especially from America. If we were to ever go again, we would avoid the weekends. Last Saturday, mobs of drunken men roamed the streets.

Erfurt, however, is almost your quintessentially beautiful small town Germany. It is not in Bavaria, which is where people think about Germany in America (most Americans stationed here after the war were in southern Germany, which is why Bavaria became our stereotype). But there are enough half-timbered houses here to be recognizably German. However there are just no Americans here. Lots of tourists, but not American tourists. All German tourists. We walked all over town yesterday, in all the most touristy places, and didn't hear a word of English. Just German. And just two Black people. Plenty of people from the Middle East, but way fewer (almost none) Ukrainian flags (which were all over the place in Wurzburg and especially Prague).

In the Dresden train station, a giant pile of Ritter Sport (a very famous candy bar there, although almost all nonvegan).

The fields of canola were brilliant yellow,
and would flash by the train windows in colorful bursts. 

A bridge with houses and shops.

It was supposed to be cold and rainy. 
It turned out to be warm and sunny, 
so sunny that I had to buy a 1 Euro hat.

The bridge from up on the street.

Two competing churches up on the hill. Both Catholic!
Man, religion makes people crazy.

This statue is like more than a thousand years old!

The cats next door to our great Airbnb.

The backyard. The wall in the lower right is part of the original city wall.

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