Tuesday, May 3, 2022

We interrupt this regularly scheduled vacation for this Special Message

Fuck the patriarchy.

And I know long-time friends grow weary of this, but Fuck the Green Party. 

Originally in 2000, Ralph Nader said he wouldn't run in competitive states. Then his ego got the better of him. He got way more votes in Florida than the official margin that allowed the Supreme Court to make Bush president. Bush then appointed Alito, who wrote today's "This is how The Handmaid's Tale starts" opinion.

The Green Party also got more votes than Cheeto Jesus' margin over Hillary in PA, WI, and MI in 2016. And we know how that worked out.

This was all doomed when RBG died. But while the well-off (like me) will rant, the end of a woman's right to bodily autonomy will literally and profoundly hurt millions of women. And it will continue until we wise up and realize elections matter (and it will continue even after that, sadly, given that we have given the Court to the theocrats for decades).


Ben Rhodes:

George W. Bush and Donald Trump both lost the popular vote and appointed five of these judges who will shape American life (and, on climate, life on Earth) for decades. Some democracy.

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WolfKenobi said...

Don't forget everyone else with a uterus whose bodily autonomy will be affected, including plenty of trans men and nonbinary folks.