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Matt is the author, co-author, secondary-author, ghost-author, and non-author of articles, speeches, book chapters, and even entire books! The most recent is his blockbuster The Accidental Activist, which Amazon claims is by his wife Anne Green. So it goes. Currently, he is President of One Step for Animals; previously, he was shitcanned from so many nonprofits that we can’t list them all here. Before Matt’s unfortunate encounter with activism, he was an aerospace engineer who wanted to work for NASA (to impress Carl Sagan). His hobbies include photography, almost dying, and {REDACTED}. He lives in Tucson with Anne, along with no dogs, no cats, no guinea pigs, and only the occasional snake or scorpion.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Thanks Butler Foods!

Since the pandemic ended our access to Tofurky Slow-Roasted Chick'n*, we've been cooking with Butler Foods' Soy Curls (and more frozen tofu, and nooch-free plant-based chicken when it has been on sale). 

When we went to order another batch, it was up literally 50% at Amazon from December. So we ordered directly from Butler Foods this time. They included two bonus items! Taco crumbles (haven't tried) and jerky (we both like it). We're very grateful!

*Luckily, Trader Joe's still has Tofurky deli slices, my main source of protein every day!

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