Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Future is Here, Just Unevenly distributed

As discussed here, it will be advances in food technology that drives dietary change for most people.

This article at Vox shows this happening in real time. I just wish Nick had tried Tofurky slices and strips. They are simply incredible! Now we just have to drive demand in a realistic and sustainable way!


Anonymous said...

So veggie meats have improved greatly in 20 years....yet the numbers of vegetarians hasn't changed much since then. But its going to be food technology that drives dietary change. Well.....what is it waiting for?

Also, if true, then shouldn't all you vegans be creating investment funds that provide start-up capital to vegan businesses? Wouldn't that be more productive than donating to feel-good organizations that make videos, fliers, run petting zoos...I mean sanctuaries.

Matt Ball said...

Hi Anonymous,
The number of vegetarians has gone up, but as a percentage of the population hasn't changed. The thing is that most people don't know about the veggie meats - they think we only eat vegetables.
As for your second suggestion, you should check out:
Thanks again for your comment!