Monday, December 21, 2015

Tis the Season...

It has been an interesting year, to say the least. The highlight (at least so far – fingers crossed) is that my lungs have behaved.

The professional highlights include my presentation at AR2015: Understanding the Numbers for Better Advocacy. This was drawn from my experiences over the decades, but also from the research and data from many individuals and groups.

This data has driven the founding and direction of One Step for Animals. None of us who volunteer for One Step expect the group to be popular, but we do appreciate – more than you can know – everyone who who has contributed to the group, promoted our first video, and distributed our booklets.

If you believe in animal-first advocacy and have the capacity, please consider giving to One Step this holiday season. Your donation will truly be doubled – the doubling donor will contribute only what One Step raises. No more, no less. 

And more importantly, your contribution will go to having the biggest possible impact for animals. Not pandering, not arguing. No stunts or side projects. Just advocacy truly driven by the numbers – numbers we know represent individuals who need our focus, not our ego.

Thanks again. May 2016 be better for everyone, human and non-human.


One Step for Animals
13311 S Avenue L
Chicago, IL 60633-1501

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Vincent Berraud said...

Great stuff as always. Good to hear about your health. Take care!