Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Vegan Future Is Here

Last year, I came across this restaurant review on Yelp:
Wish they were in my neighborhood, ‘cause I’d be one happy fat vegan cat eating some deep fried tofu with their crazy good tartar sauce, some slap yo’ mama good greens and getouttahere delicious, amazing mac and cheese. (Hint: do not eat this garlicy goodness mac and cheese before a date.) But on the serious? I’m a carnivore all the way, and I swear to the Gods above if Souley Vegan was in my ‘hood I’d been eating vegan more days a week than I’d ever eat meat. This food is the shizznyee. Not kidding.

The vegan future is here. It is just unevenly distributed. We will change that.

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