Thursday, June 15, 2023

Outsourced: The Cruelty of Climate Fanatics (and more)

Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better

This is a cult I can dig.

From the excellent Eat More Electrons: “We can’t afford for everyone to live our lifestyles.” 

I don't necessarily think it is racism, but simply immoral indifference to current suffering for the sake of being a part of the latest doom cult.

More: Environmentalism and the Unabomber + AI Policy

PS: Looking for something with some perspective and actual realistic policy? Here is a good piece on wildfires and air quality. BTW, I saw a climate activist admit that air quality in India is a huge problem, killing and disabling many. But he then went on to claim it was all because we burn fossil fuels. Not true! Development - especially changes in agriculture policy, along with having people inside and cooking with healthy sources, will make the most difference.

PPS: Looking for something more optimistic? Check this out! Even the links are good.

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