Monday, December 12, 2022

OK, I was wrong

tl;dr - If you want a hard copy of Losing My Religions, the smaller color paperback is probably worth the extra money. 

Song: Sheryl Crow's "My Favorite Mistake."

I wasn't going to even do a print version since the eBook versions are free. But enough people asked that I just adopted the eBook file and made it available at Amazon, printed in black-and-white. The photos aren't impressively reproduced. It uses a large font and a lot of white space, making the book significantly larger (and easier to read) than it would otherwise be.

Enough people have ordered the paperback that we have now done a more expensive version with color pictures at Barnes and Noble. It is smaller and with a smaller font (but still larger than your average paperback). And, of course, it has lots of pictures throughout (including a few new ones). 

Surprisingly, the color pictures are actually pretty good! And the smaller form, although slightly harder to read, is easier to hold and carry. 

We have both versions available from here, signed or not. If you'd like a copy, please just email 

Thanks to everyone who has ordered a copy / commented / reviewed!

One of the new pictures in the color paperback.

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