Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Meat Reduction Hurts Animals

Cross-posted from the One Step for Animals blog:

Earlier this year, One Step friend and great reporter Kenny Torrella published a very important article at Vox: How Germany is kicking its meat habit.

In this article, he shows how meat reduction can hurt animals:

“[T]he steep decline in pork only resulted in a reduction of about one-sixth of a pig per person. However, the 12.5 percent increase in poultry consumption, which looks modest on the chart below, has resulted in almost one extra chicken farmed for each of Germany’s 83 million residents [every year].”

This is not a victory, of course, and is why One Step for Animals promotes and pursues animal-focused advocacy.

We can only make real progress when we focus on actual animals.

You can help. Please click here to stand up for animals.

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