Monday, November 7, 2022

Trying to get mentally prepared

All my subscribers will see this Tuesday morning. Everything that can be done to impact the election has been done. 

I have a bad feeling about today. After Kansas voted for abortion rights, I was optimistic that our country would stand up to theocracy and authoritarianism. But enough of our country has bought into the anti-American anti-democracy cult of the right that, combined with those who just don't care much and vote on gas prices, we will give up fundamental rights, bit by bit. ("First they came for poor women, but I wasn't a poor woman, so....")

So I would suggest we all get ready for a crushing disappointment today, and all the future consequences of it. (E.g., with an election denier as governor and a Republican legislature, I don't know how a D can ever receive Arizona's electoral votes.)

It won't be good - all the more reason we need to be there for each other.

Song: "Lost in America." Pics of people who helped us through dark times in the past, and paid for their efforts with their lives:

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