Saturday, November 19, 2022

A nice outcome from a frustrating process

To try to avoid the filter bubble, I read several center-right individuals, including the incredibly arrogant Bryan Caplan. I toss in a comment here and there but don't engage with his "white men are the real victims!" readership. I have at times dropped in links, including to Losing My Religions.

So yesterday, One Step got a donation from someone whose name I didn't recognize, with the note "Via Lose My Religions. Thanks to Matt for sharing and providing the free download." 

I thanked them for the contribution and asked them how they heard of the book, and they said:

"Thank you! I enjoyed the read. Losing My Religions kept my interest to the end. I found it enjoyable and interesting. For what it's worth.

"I got to it from Bet On It, Bryan Caplan's Substack. I honestly don't remember if I downloaded it from one of your comments or found it via your profile. I just remember when we had the debate about Feminism, I was clicking around and saved some links. I downloaded the PDF shortly after that."

Song: Lyle Lovett's "Road to Ensenada," a key song from Losing.

Image for my pal Bryan:

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