Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Bonus Happy Post for your Thanksgiving!

Not been the mostest happiest blog posts lately. Sorry.

Those of you who have read Losing My Religions (I am thankful for you!) know about my admiration of (and connection to) Tom Scholz of the rock band Boston. So if you have a bit of downtime this holiday weekend, you might enjoy these:

More than a Feeling (I have begged Anne to let me have hair like the drummer! Tom is the tall guy with the straight hair and light outfit. He's playing bass at the beginning but guitar for most of the video.)

What Makes This Song Great: More than a Feeling

The depth of analysis is surpassed by his clear joy at listening to the song! 

Rick noted in his other video on Boston that when recording that incredible album, Tom plays everything except the drums (and doesn't sing). And Tom did the mixing and production! Incredible!

A picture from Losing, back when Boston was HUGE.

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