Monday, June 20, 2022

Santa Fe

We met my sister (not this sister) in Santa Fe last month, but didn't take any pictures when together. DOH! 

Walking out of the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, as I tried to attach my clip-on sunglasses, the right lens fell out of my glasses.

Now I’m quite nearsighted. (And yet also somewhat farsighted – intelligent design!) My right-eye script is minus fourteen. So it was really bad to not have glasses! (And Anne certainly didn't want to drive in an unfamiliar city.) So using the phone (thanks again, Google!) we found an optical shop a few blocks away. Anne carefully led me there, around people and obstacles and cars.

That event happened exactly as written, May 2022. But it is, of course, also a metaphor.

Anyway, here's pictures:

Anne wants that kitty.

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