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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Loyalty and Kindness in the Effective Altruism Community

A number of people promoted this podcast Rob Wiblin did with Keiran Harris -- Having a successful career with depression, anxiety and imposter syndrome -- when it first came out. 

One of the main things that struck me was the kindness and loyalty the EA movement showed to Keiran. They always gave him a job whenever he wanted one, no matter what he had done previously, no matter how long he had been out, no matter what his capacities were at the time.

I know that EAs are often considered cold and calculating. There are definitely examples of this. But this podcast certainly shows a different side from at least some people and organizations. It also covers a lot of other topics that might be useful to a wide variety of people, especially in the second half (you can see an outline of the topics on the left-hand side).

The image accompanying the podcast references being chased by a bear, but I don't find that a good example of how depression feels.

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