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Friday, November 13, 2020

Partisan and tribal divides

Just like the vegans who see every headline as justifying their personal beliefs, there is a certain strain of "public intellectual" who think every result justifies theirs. For example, Andrew Sullivan seems to think everyone who supports Trump does so as a reaction to "political correctness" and "cancel culture." 


I grew up in rural Ohio in the 1980s. The people there did not hate me because of something that they heard about at Evergreen College or Yale. They hated me because I had an IQ over 120. 

It wasn't a question of "understanding" them. It wasn't a question of "they would support pluralism and left-wing policies if sold correctly." It was "play stupid and small-minded or be 'othered' and hated." And I was a straight white male. 

Anyway, that's all just a preface to this:

I've spent 4+ years trying to understand Trump supporters. I'm all done now.

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