Thursday, November 7, 2019

Nine Evidence-Based Guidelines For A ‘Good Life’

Via Anne, this is a really good article (even if the preamble is very long). Key point from the introduction:

"Mostly these lists have been simply made up based on the preoccupations, political positions, or even financial interests of the lists’ authors."

The author reviews randomized control trials to come up with their list. To give you a taste:

1. Exercise your body and your brain every day.
2. Count your blessings. [Maybe the best advice on the list.]
3. Try to see others’ points of view. [A challenge!]
4. People, not things, make you happy. [And sunshine, speaking for myself  :-]
5. Work to earn, to live. Don’t live for your work.    🤯
6. Keep reminding yourself: It’s not all about me. [This is actually easier the older I get.]
7. Just teach your kids how to cope. [I am definitely overly protective by nature.]
8. Use your conscious reasoning to slowly make the changes you want. [Another challenge!]
9. When stressed, process your worries consciously. [Related: Ask yourself: "What is the alternative?"]

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