Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Most Important Issue Ever

Climate Change
LGBTQ Rights
Reproductive Rights
Gun Control
Health Care
Cruelty to Animals
Income Inequality
Military Spending

All these issues and more are at stake in our elections. And yet so many white men just totally freak out when a student at an elite school somewhere does something they don't like and make it out to be the only issue in the world.

A social media friend of mine shared my recent blog about Sam Harris' obsession with "identity politics" and sneering dismissal of anyone "woke." A quick skim of the post shows comments as if they are fighting off alien hordes trying to destroy all of humanity. 

As Ezra Klein says, all politics is identity politics - it cannot be otherwise. "Political correctness" is generally just a request for basic respect and politeness. More importantly, there are many, many more pressing issues out there. It again makes me sad to see people with such a weird combination of arrogance, self-centeredness, and insecurity that they are OCD over "identity politics." Harping on this just plays into the right-wing's talking points

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