Monday, October 30, 2017

What We've Learned, Applied

As I mentioned in my previous post, over a decade ago, I gave a talk about how technology development on the supply side would be a prime driver for the end of factory farming.

Those of you who follow One Step For Animals know that we are driven by the cold hard fact that after decades of demand-side advocacy, per-capita consumption of animals is at an all-time high. To us, this demands that we take a new approach.

Given all this, I am beyond thrilled to announce that I'm starting a new job as a member of the communications team at The Good Food Institute.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'll have lots more to say about this over time. But for fans of One Step, rest assured: that work will continue forward! The One Step Team remains as dedicated as always to reducing as much suffering as possible.

Thanks so much to everyone! Your friendship and support over the years and decades have been more important than you'll ever know.

-Matt (& Personal Team)