Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sustainable Activism Webinar

Thanks to Christine, In Defense of Animals invited me to be a presenter for their Sustainable Activism Campaign. You can watch the video on YouTube.


Diane said...

Matt I'm so grateful to you for your thoughtful and very impactful presentation. On Tuesday I'm leading a "Healthy Eating Club" in my community and based on your talk I'm going to focus the conversation on the "how and the why" of replacing chicken and eggs in our diet. Your talk changed the food I'll serve, too-- we'll be having a vegan version now of chicken noodle soup, and a vegan chicken salad. I'll email you for a copy of your Powerpoint. Thank you for everything you do, this is more helpful than you know.

Matt Ball said...

Thanks so much for the feedback, Diane! Here is an earlier version

Christine said...

Wow, thank you, Diane! That's wonderful news!
And thank you again to Matt for presenting and sharing it here.
For activists who are struggling with the difficulties of being activist, such as burn out and compassion fatigue, please check out IDA's main page for their Sustainable Activism Campaign here: