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Matt is the author, co-author, secondary-author, ghost-author, and non-author of articles, speeches, book chapters, and even entire books! Next will be the bestseller "Losing My Religions." Currently, he is President of One Step for Animals; previously, he was shitcanned from more nonprofits than there is room to list here. Before Matt’s unfortunate encounter with activism, he was an aerospace engineer who wanted to work for NASA to impress Carl Sagan. His hobbies include photography, almost dying, and {REDACTED} He lives in Tucson with Anne and no dogs, no cats, and no African tortoises (although he cares for all of these).

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Difference of Life and Death

"If you've got power and money and connections, some differences won't change anything. It's those without the money and the power, who desperately want to live -- for them, small things aren't small at all. What you call no difference is life and death to them."
-Ancillary Justice, Ann Leckie

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